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Audubon Christmas Bird Count, Kingsport, TN (TNKI)
Dec. 26, 2007

Thanks to all those who participated in the restart of the Kingsport Christmas count. The count circle was the same as done since the 1940's, but the count identifier was changed to TNKI. A total of 82 species and 5275 total birds were counted by 22 participants in 6 areas with one feeder counter.

The summary by area:
North Kingsport area is primarily above US 11W. The leader was Rick Phillips, assisted by Tom Laughlin. They observed 400 birds representing 45 species. Of note were 2 Merlins seen in Oak Hill Cemetery. The merlins have been present in this area for several years and were observed on CBC's 20 years ago.

Bays Mountain area included Bays Mountain, Meadowview, and Sullivan Gardens was done by John Moyle. John observed 425 birds in 45 species.

Central Kingsport area is between 11W and I-81 between I-26 and Fort Henry Drive. This area was done by Bill Grigsby (leader), Ron Harrington, David Taylor, Faye Metzl, Sybil Williams who counted 1033 birds in 48 species.

East Kingsport area is east of John B. Dennis and Fort Henry Drive between 11 W and I-81. This team in this area was lead by Wallace Cofey who teamed with Dr. Andrew Jones of Cleveland, OH, Charlie Parker, Chris O'Brien, Michelle Sparks. The team observed 884 birds in 45 species.

Boone Dam area is the southeast portion of the circle. The count team was lead by Rick Knight with Larry McDaniel and Jacki Hinshaw. They observed 1096 birds in a count high of 59 species.

The surpise of the count was the Southwest Kingsport Area. This is the area west of I-26 and south of TN 93. We didn't expect to have much in the area and almost rolled it into another area, but the team lead by Tom McNeill assisted by Don Holt surprised us. The team included Rob Biller, Diane Draper, and Mary Anna Wheat counted a high of 1395 birds in 51 species. Great Effort!

Don Jones, AKA Wayne Jones, was a feeder watcher and observed 12 species in his yard.

This was a very successful count. Since it had not been done in a while, we did not have experience in many of the areas. I appreciate the help of all those who participated. We have already started discussing how we can improve it next year. If you have any ideas, please let me know.

Species List:
Canada Goose    403
Gadwall         73
Mallard         350
Northern Shoveler       3
Northern Pintail        2
Redhead         3
Ring-necked Duck        2
Lesser Scaup    3
Bufflehead      6
Hooded Merganser        10
Red-breasted Merganser  3
Wild Turkey     13
Common Loon     2
Pied-billed Grebe       21
Horned Grebe    5
Double-crested Cormorant        37
Great Blue Heron        30
Black-crowned Night-Heron       6
Black Vulture   268
Turkey Vulture  139
Sharp-shinned Hawk      6
Cooper's Hawk   7
Red-shouldered Hawk     1
Red-tailed Hawk         29
American Kestrel        23
Merlin  2
American Coot   81
Killdeer        102
Spotted Sandpiper       1
Bonaparte's Gull        9
Ring-billed Gull        123
Rock Dove       560
Mourning Dove   165
Eastern Screech-Owl     5
Barred Owl      1
Belted Kingfisher       15
Red-headed Woodpecker   1
Red-bellied Woodpecker  34
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker        6
Downy Woodpecker        23
Hairy Woodpecker        6
Northern Flicker        19
Pileated Woodpecker     7
Eastern Phoebe  8
Loggerhead Shrike       3
Blue Jay        176
American Crow   301
Common Raven    3
Horned Lark     1
Carolina Chickadee      121
Tufted Titmouse         133
Red-breasted Nuthatch   1
White-breasted Nuthatch         29
Brown Creeper   2
Carolina Wren   99
Winter Wren     3
Golden-crowned Kinglet  41
Ruby-crowned Kinglet    11
Eastern Bluebird        170
American Robin  43
Northern Mockingbird    109
Brown Thrasher  2
European Starling       387
Cedar Waxwing   41
Yellow-rumped Warbler   82
Eastern Towhee  23
Chipping Sparrow        6
Field Sparrow   74
Song Sparrow    206
Lincoln's Sparrow       1
Swamp Sparrow   37
White-throated Sparrow  98
White-crowned Sparrow   10
Dark-eyed Junco         60
Northern Cardinal       149
Red-winged Blackbird    1
Eastern Meadowlark      9
Purple Finch    6
House Finch     37
American Goldfinch      150
House Sparrow   36
American Pipit  1

Bill Grigsby
Kingsport, TN

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