[Bristol-Birds] Hungry Shrike

  • From: "Bert Hale" <blhale@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2006 14:55:44 -0500

Bird Watchers

In response to Wallace's report on the Shrike it was first noticed at 10:15 am 
and stayed until 1:45.
It was feeding on what appeared tobe a white throat at the base of a dogwood 
tree about 3 feet from
the house. Above the feeding shrike I have a 20 port thistle feeder and during 
the time I had 8 gold 
finches and a purple finch feeding. Aclimbing Hydrangia grows up the tree and 
the shrike had impaled
the biird on a short branch. Feeding started ath the head and ate the whole 
thing. After it left I checked and 
found only some feathers. I made some digital pixs may see if Wallace will post 

In years gone by we have had shrikes nest around the area but it is unusual to 
find one lately.

PS I see by the net that girl scouts have been putting up wood duck boxes. This 
is great--
Several have been put up on the South Fork of Holston River below the dam. I 
have often wondered how long it 
would take mama to find junior if he jumped into the water while they were 

Bert Hale, Bluff City , TN Sullivan Cy.

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