[Bristol-Birds] Happy 4th Birding at Home on the Farm - 7 PHOTOS Attached

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Nata Jackson
Greene County
Greeneville, TN

4th of July hot and sunny provided some good lighting and new sightings.

The Hummingbirds were back/forth at my coy pond feeders and butterfly bush.
They appeared to be young and innocent enough to let me stay close for my 
The sun really brings out each layer but takes much patience to get the right 

All day there were Red-spotted Purples and a large Yellow Swallowtail,
amidst the regulars (fritts, skippers, crescents, hackberrys).
But new arrived two kinds of the clearwings.  It takes a second look because
the honey and the bumblebee are in the mix and luckily I only got stung once!

I visited my neighbor (the woodpecker house) on Old Kentucky Rd/Greene County
and I parked at the bottom of her driveway.  I opened my door and no kidding,
God is quick, an Adult Red-headed woodpecker flew to the tree beside me high
above and then in seconds a little juvenile.  The tree and surrounding had many
holes & some looked square which was new.  A couple Peewee's sat on the fence.
Many new Robins and happy to see the Titmouse and the Carolina Chickadees again.

Down to Pigeon Creek/Greene County to see the Flicker hatchlings, but last week
they appeared too big for the hole, so think they finally all flew out.  The 
Green Heron
however was there, just one.  And I was delighted as a new bird I had never seen
arrived (again a God-incidence, as this bird came too close to me for my 400 
zoom lens).
And it stayed while I backed up and took several shots. Looking it up it is a 
Cuckoo.  Amazing up-close with its white legs and soft gray backing and even 
the feet
are different and the yellow bottom bill with its long slender body - great to 
finally see one.

Again, apologies to those who find opening photos slow and tedious.

Hope you enjoy,
Nata Jackson

I live between the Asheville Hwy (70S) and the Newport Hwy (321S)
Great birding all over this area and some nice fishing W Allen's Bridge 
Nolichucky River

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