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Clear DayGreat Egrets at Stuart's Pond 


That was a great report for the Great Egret at Stuart's Pond.  As
far as I know, that is the latest migratory date in the Mountain
and Ridge and Valley region for the western part of Virginia.  There
have been a few scattered winter birds in that region. 

     Photo of Worley's 51 egrets

Dave Worley received a call from the landowner of Stuart’s Pond 
in Rosedale VA on October 31, 2004. He was told that there was 
a large number of white birds at the pond. Dave arrived shortly at 
the pond at 9:30 AM to find 51 Great Egrets in the trees around 
the pond. The birds were evidently migrating through the area 
and decided to rest at that body of water. The birds remained there
for the rest of the day.  Carolyn and I got there in time to see
the birds and I think Tom Hunter did also.

You brought back pleasant memories for us.  Thanks for the
report, Ed.  Tell Helen we said hello.
Let's go birding. . . . .

Wallace Coffey
Bristol, TN
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  This afternoon I was driving through Rosedale, Virginia near the large pond 
at the Stewart farm.  From route #19 I could see a large white bird landing at 
the pond.  I drove to the pond and had a close look at a great egret.  I was 
very surprised to see this bird at this late season of the year.

  Ed Morgan,
  Abingdon, VA

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