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February 2012

See the birds of Cuba with Audubon Texas'  
Director of Conservation - Iliana Peña   

About Your Leader 
Iliana Peña is an avid naturalist and ecologist who has spent her career 
working at improving habitats for the benefit of
birds and other wildlife. Iliana is currently the Director of Conservation for 
the Texas state office of the National Audubon
Society and, through her work, helps to protect 85% of colonial waterbird 
habitat on the Texas coast. She also works to
identify and support Important Bird Areas throughout the state. Iliana has been 
an invited naturalist and guide on various
trips to Mexico for both adult and youth groups. She is a frequent presenter at 
conferences and other forums discussing
Audubon's conservation work throughout the state. Originally from the Rio 
Grande Valley, a bird-watchers paradise, she has
always adored the wonderful diversity of birds in the area and understands and 
promotes the value of ecotourism to both
local communities and the natural world.  

Bee Hummingbird

Photo by Ernesto Reyes

For more information:

Contact Debbie Sturdivant at 866-748-6146 or email debbie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Cuban Tody; courtesy Holbrook Travel

The Birder's Cuba: An Audubon Journey
Connecting Avian Communities
April 10 - April 22, 2012

Join Audubon leader Iliana Peña for a unique opportunity to interact with Cuban 
naturalists as you study the birds of Cuba.  This 13-day excursion is made 
possible by the National Audubon Society's one-year license for travel to Cuba, 
focusing on the unique avifauna of the island and creating people-to-people 
connections with Cuban conservationists and environmental communities.  The 
program provides the chance to observe a wide variety of Cuba's reported 370 
species of birds, including highlights such as the Bee Hummingbird and the 
Zapata Wren.

Program Highlights  
Forge ties with Cuban naturalists and ornithologists while supporting 
conservation in the region.
Interact with talented students and learn about the growth and development of 
the Korimacao Community Project.
Meet with curators at the National Museum of Natural History to share 
conservation initiatives.
Journey to Las Terrazas, home to Cuba's national bird, the Tocororo, and the 
world's smallest bird, the Bee Hummingbird.
Meet with representatives of the Nunez Jimenez Foundation for Nature and 
Encounter endemic species such as the Cuban Trogon and the Cuban Tody.
Explore the colonial jewel of Trinidad and learn about its history.
Take a boat ride to Cayo Coco's inner lagoons to view colonies of flamingos. 

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