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Adding to this report of breeding Yellow-rumped Warblers in the mtns... in 
early August of 2008 I encountered a similar sight just out of NC in Grayson 
County, southwest VA. A family group of YRWA near the top of Massie Gap, in 
Grayson Highlands State Park.

Alan Kneidel 

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  My brother in TN sent me this e-mail, which was only posted to the TN 
listserve. Obviously, it has high relevancy to NC birders.
  "July 5, 2010

   I just returned from four days in the high elevations of the Smokies doing 
point counts along the Appalachian Trail as part of the MEGA-Transect project. 
I heard Yellow-rumped Warblers singing near Clingman's Dome and one on Mt 
Guyot, both on the Tennessee side. Plus, I saw an adult feeding a fully fledged 
begging juvenile on the NC side at the Tricorner Knob Shelter.
  They were in a Mountain Ash below eye level 20' away. The adult was kept very 
busy foraging for her young while also chasing a Black-throated Green Warbler 
out of its tree. The Yellow-rumped was noticeably larger. There were also two 
other juveniles present and foraging. I saw another adult later, not in the 
present of juveniles but never saw two adults at once. The latter was on the 
very tip of a 100' red spruce and had its yellow feathers on the side of its 
breast fluffed out. It reminded me of a redwing with its epaulettes well 
exposed. My wife was off elsewhere with the camera, but I did manage to record 
the begging calls of the young. If anyone is interested in it, I will gladly 
forward it to you off the list-serve. In addition to this great find, I also 
recorded a Magnolia Warbler singing on Mt Guyot, also on the Tennessee side, 
but could not prove breeding.

  Tom Howe


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