[Bristol-Birds] Fw: [HUMNET] TN's 1st Broad-tail!

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Birstol Area Birders:

More on the hummer from Bob Sargent as posted on the
Humnet list.

Wallace Coffey
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From: Bob  Sargent
Date: Sunday, November 10, 2002 4:21 PM
Subject: Re: [HUMNET] TN's 1st Broad-tail!

In a message dated 11/10/02 2:12:01 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
chris.sloan@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

  This morning a mere five miles from my home in Nashville Portia
  Macmillan and I banded and documented the first BROAD-TAILED HUMMINGBIRD
  ever recorded in Tennessee.  This is the seventh species of hummingbird
  documented in TN, and one that many of us have expected for quite a
  while now.

  It is an HY bird, which I called a female in the field based largely on
  the lack of any orangy color in r2, but I'm now undecided and still
  researching the question of gender.

  I was suspsicious when I heard it, since I recognized that this call
  note was a little lower pitched, a little less flat and a little more
  musical than a typical Rufous/Allen's call.  Once I grabbed it out of
  the trap and looked at that tail, I was even more suspicious.  Once I
  took the wing measurement (49.86), I thought Portia was going to have to
  give me a sedative to get me to calm down!

  The bird appeared to be in good health, with no fat, although it drank
  from the feeder so much in my hand I thought I'd have to weight her
  again!  p5 was molting.

  Obviously, this was a very exciting morning for me.  I plan to post some
  photos as soon as I retrieve my camera that I left in Portia's car.

  happy hummingbirding,

  Chris Sloan

Chris and Humnetters:
Congratulations Chris and Portia.  What a super bird to finally document in 
Tennessee!  As Chris mentioned, it was long overdue.  You did good amigo.  The 
lawyer from Nashville has a great touch.  Keep up the good work. 

Rah, Rah Sargent
Trussville, Alabama


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