[Bristol-Birds] Friends of Steele Creek window display makes dramatic splash ! Stop and see it.

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The Friends of Steele Creek
Nature Center and Park have
a very beautiful and detailed
window display a the  Dent K. 
Burke Associates office located
across from the Paramount
Theatre at 515 State Street in 
downtown Bristol.   You should
make a point to see it.  It was
created with about three hours
of great effort and art skill by
two members and will continue
on display through July 31.

It is a successful and attractive
presentation of the role of the
 Friends group. It took a lot
of real work to select and
deliver all of the materials and
such to the location and put it
in place.

As with any such display, the
content and graphics can
easily become focused a little
more than everyone with an invested interest may desire.  One of the missions
of the Friends group, as stated in the display, is to bring together various 
Perhaps most birders will probably notice that a number of graphic elements are 
so dominant that birds and birding are scare.

This may suggest that BBC needs to remind the Bristol community and others 
of the decades of contribution, research, funding and birding activities that 
been contributed at the park.  We made a point to state that in our brochure 
and the
nature center staff has made a point to help distribute the BBC brochure.  

Don't think for a moment that the Friends slighted birds and birding 
It is a far cry from that.  Better, we should remind ourselves, that birds and 
birding do
not occupy as "top of mind awareness" there as in the past.

But the window is gorgeous.  It is inviting.  It is intriguing.  It is colorful 
lively.  It could use a few more deserving feathers ;-)

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