[Bristol-Birds] Eaglet still reported at SHL nest late Friday

  • From: "Wallace Coffey" <jwcoffey@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 8 May 2009 21:20:05 -0400

Wallace : We were not able to see the eaglet in flight this a.m.; however, 
around 6 p.m. today all 3 were clearly in view.    the eaglet has been really 
flapping its wings  and we have wondered if flight is soon to come.     One 
adult was perched high in the same tree while another adult was sitting on the 
branch outside the nest and the eaglet was sitting on the edge of the nest 
---all three were facing this direction and was quite a site to see.   As I 
looked before it began to get dark only was sitting high in the tree.   It is 
now 8:45 and I looked again, even as it is really getting dark, I can still see 
the white head of the one on the higher branch.   

The eagles have been feeding at about the same time each day   4-7 p.m   with 
the eaglet active and then it will be quiet and out of sight for awhile.   Then 
usually one adult is gone and we have actually seen one dive for fish and  then 
perch on the branches of a lower tree .   An adult caught a fish the other 
evening but we never did see it return with the fish to the nest.  

It has also been interesting to watch as they sit through this heavy rains and 
winds that have been coming through.  
We will be keeping an eye out this weekend and will let you know what we see. 

Hope the weather cooperates!!!!

Sandy Lawson

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