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Directions to the Bristol Bird Club Regional Christmas Party for all comers 
as requested by Santa.  I want to be on his good list.

Party is at the Bob and Ellen Parker and their son Charlie's home, located 
at 4318 Summerfield Drive.  

This is just off U.S. 11E where it crosses the 
DeVault Bridge at Boone Lake.  

The Parkers live on the Piney Flats side of the 
bridge and to the west of U.S. 11E (turn right off the highway when south bound
towards Johnson City or turn left off the highway when north bound towards
Bristol). For those of you who remember the old Will Mary Gift Shop, their 
home is located a short distance behind that former store site.

QUICK DIRECTIONS:  Turn right off U.S. 11E onto Willmary Road to its end at
Rangewood Road, turn right onto Rangewood for very short distance to
Summerfield subdivision. Turn right into subdivision onto Summerfield Drive 
and go .2 (2 tenths mile) to address 4318 at the top of the hill on the right.
Total distance from US 11E one mile.


The DeVault Bridge is located on the Bristol side of Winged Deer Park.

(south bound from Bristol) on U.S. 11E just a hundred yards or less before
crossing DeVault Bridge, turn right onto WILLMARY ROAD.  Set your odometer 
to zero at this intersection.  It will be exactly one (1) mile to the Parker's

Continue on Willmary Road until  you come to the end of the road at 

Turn right onto RANGEWOOD Road and go a short distance to the entrance of 
the Summerfield subdivision (marked by massive brick columns with the name

Your odometer should now be at .8 (8 tenths of a mile).  Turn right into the
subdivision and you now have .2 (two tenths of a mile) to the Parker house.
When you turn right you will be on SUMMERFIELD DRIVE.

Continue out Summerfield Road (counting house on the right side of the road 
if you watch carefully for the houses set back in the dark trees) to the 10th
house on your right.

As you travel the .2 mile out Summerfield Road, the road curves to the left 
at the top of the hill and the Parker house is at the top of the rise on the 
right with the number 4318 over the front door.  You will have traveled exactly 
one mile from U.S. 11E at DeVault Bridge over Boone Lake. near Johnson City.

If you have trouble you may call my
cell at 423-360-2532 and I can guide you in from any wrong turns. 

Now, Santa, where are my gifts and toys ?

Let's go birding....

Wallace Coffey
Bristol, TN

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