[Bristol-Birds] Re: Did Clancey Deel captue a beautiful photo of an Appalachian Tiger Swallowtail butterfly ?

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Don Holt has commented:

"Looks like an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail to me. The marginal spot-row

under the forewing looks like well separated spots. On an Appalachian

they would be mostly fused together:"

Thank you Don, for your instructive help.

Wallace Coffey

Bristol, TN

Don Holt Steele Creek park promotion photo 2011.jpgABOUT DON HOLT

He is one of the region's

well-respected naturalists

and dean of butterfly

activities in Northeast

Tennessee. He has been

the most significant

pioneer for creating butterfly excitement, interest,

programs, summer surveys and especially

at high elevations in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Don was the first staff member to fill the

Assistant Park Naturalist position at the Steele

Creek Park Nature Center when it was created

by Park Naturalist Kevin Hamed almost 15 years

ago in 2001. Don left the position a year

later to fill a newly-created position as an

educator-naturalist with the University of

Tennessee's Camp Explore at the Clyde Austin 4H

Camp at Davy Crockett Lake in Greene County, TN

where he taught and studied nature until returning

to the Steele Creek Park Nature Center nearly

10 years later in mid-May 2011. He worked as a

camp counselor and environmental science instructor

at Cedar Creek Learning Center in Greene Co., for

many years before joining Hamed at Steele Creek.

The Learning Center was funded and operated by

the Upper East Tennessee Educational Cooperative

which included 15 regional school systems.

Don holds a B.S. in biology from ETSU-Johnson City.

He currently is an Assistant Park Naturalist at the

Steele Creek Park Nature Center and lives in

Johnson City.

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Appalachian Tiger Swallowtail butterfly ?

Appy Tiger Swallowtail 8_June 13 2015 (10) (2).jpg

Wallace Coffey wrote:

Maybe Don Holt or other Lep-type guys and gals on here may give us a more
definitive decision on whether this is an

Appalachian or the Eastern. Nice photo Clancey !

Wallace Coffey

Bristol, TN

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JPEG image

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