[Bristol-Birds] DANGEROUS encounter at Musicks Campground

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  • Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2014 22:24:43 -0400

Canada Geese mad at Musicks Campground 2 April 2014.jpg


Canada Geese nest location under tree Musick Campground 2 April
2014.jpgCanada Geese nest and eggs Musick Campground 2 April 2014.jpg


When I drove my car out onto the outerbanks at Musick's Campground on

South Holston Lake in Sullivan County, TN today (2 April 2014), a Canada

Goose stood up under the willow-type tree and began protesting the arrival

of my vehicle.


Seconds later it ran into my path and turned towards the car.  Then it took

flight from about 15 feet away and flew against the right front side at full

force.  The impact was very loud.  I could feel the strike from my driver's

The goose ran back into the path of the car and turned.  With wings spread,

It lowered its head and continued a loud honking protest.


As I backed my car away,  I noticed an adult goose sitting on a nest under

the small tree.  I reached for my camera and got a few photos, including a

single egg about the size of a tennis ball.


This is a dangerous situation.  My daughter told me about seeing one 

attack a man near a pond on her university campus in Alabama and the

bird hit the man so hard it knocked him off his feet  He lost possession

of a briefcase he was carrying.  The Canada Goose continued the attack

on the man who could not get up from the ground.  Several persons,

walking nearby, ran to his rescue and drove the goose away.


I did not get out of my car before having this encounter and I did not

end up in the serious situation of getting between the mated birds. 

Such an unfortunate situation could result in bodily injuries.


Wallace Coffey

Bristol, TN




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