[Bristol-Birds] Cormorants, Cliff Swallows, waxwings

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4 July 2010
Middlebrook Lake
Sullivan Co., TN

Double-crested Cormorant - 2 
both in beautiful breeding plumage
with bright orange gular and loral skin !

4 July 2010
Central Holston Bridge vicinity
South Fork Holston River
Sullivan Co., TN

Cliff Swallows ~ 640 on wires and
feeding over river and fields.

18 June 2010
Riverview Drive 
between Saylor Is. and wastewater plant
Watauga River
Washington Co., TN

Cedar Waxwings ~ 100
air was full of birds sallying out
from branches to flycatch over
the river. Waxwings as far as
could be seen from river edge
in both directions.  Many would
fly across the river during the 
feeding flights.

Ron Harrington told me that day
that they were probably taking
advantage of an insect hatch
likely due to the season and
water temperature. He did not
know what the hatch may be
at that date.

A survey of the South Fork Holston
River from Bluff City to the Weir
Dam in Sullivan Co., TN did not
find a single waxwing.  I thought
there would be many more but
not so.  The area of the South
Fork in the Riverside Rd. vicinity
has long had significant numbers
of waxwings in other years with
the same behavior being seen
but never in such numbers as
found on the Watauga River on
18 June.

This also suggests a significant
breeding population of waxwings
at least along this stretch of the 

Let's go birding . . . .

Wallace Coffey
Bristol, TN


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