[Bristol-Birds] Coopers Hawk, Broad Winged Hawk, Blue-Headed Vireo

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My buddies and I finally got together this morning (4-11-2009) to do some
birding. We went to flat-woods trail off of Camp Tom Howard road behind
South Holston Lake in Sullivan Co TN. The morning started off right with
Gary Cooper Spotting the FOY Broad Winged Hawk sitting on a branch beside
the road, we all got a good look it appeared to be a male. When we started
down the trail we heard a few birds chirping, Greg Harris said he was
hearing a vireo singing, we looked in vain to find him but never did, I had
never seen a vireo so I was hoping he would pick up on some more farther
down the trail. As we proceeded we found the FOY and my first of life Black
Throated Green Warbler, and Black and White warblers. They were hopping
around in the tree tops chasing each other. As we were heading back to the
truck to go to a different spot, we spotted two FOY Blue-Headed Vireo's they
were very low in the trees, we watched them for about 5 minutes sitting in
the same place, this was also a first for me. We moved to the lower end of
Flat-Woods trail to check a spot Greg wanted to see, there wasn't a lot of
activity here but as we were coming out I heard what sounded like a hawk,
but wasn't for sure. As we approached the truck a hawk flew out of a tree
over our head calling out, as we watched him another hawk flew in, they were
two more Broad Winged. When we got back to Gary's house he spotted a hawk
flying over head, it was a Coopers Hawk so we had a 4 Hawk day not bad. Here
is a list of all the birds we saw, the majority on Flat-Woods trail.


1-Broad-Winged Hawks- 3 (2-Flat-Woods 1-Camp Tom Howard Road)

2- Coopers Hawk- 1 (Gary's House)

3- Black Throated Green Warblers- 10-15 (Flat Woods)

4-Black & White Warbler- 2-3 (Flat Woods)

5- Downy Woodpeckers- 5 (Flat Woods)

6- Yellow Bellied Sap Sucker-1 (Flat Woods)

7-Pileated Wood Peckers- 3-4 (Flat Woods)

8- White Breasted Nuthatch - 1 (Flat Woods)

9- Titmouse- 3-5 (Flat Woods)

10-Carolina Chickadees 5-10 (Flat Woods)

11- Blue-Headed Vireo -  2 (heard more) (Flat Woods)

12- Blue Grey Gnatcatcher-1 (Flat Woods)

13- Towhee- 1 (Flat Woods)

14- American Goldfinches- 20-30 male& female combined (Flat Woods)


Michael Sanders

Bristol, VA


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