[Bristol-Birds] Caney Island Branch, Buchanan Co., VA - Kentucky and Cerulean Warblers

  • From: Ed Talbott <aquilaet@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 6 May 2009 12:59:24 -0700 (PDT)

Bristol Birders,

Chazzy and I decided to hike up Caney Island Branch this morning.  Rain was in 
the forecast but after looking at the weather radar we figured we had a few 
hours before it got here.  Warblers were out in good numbers and we had 14 
different species along the way.  The bird of the day would have to be my first 
Kentucky Warbler of 2009 - a brightly colored male singing from a shrub not 25 
feet from me.  Of course a close second would be the Cerulean Warbler singing 
from a limb over the road.  During the hike I heard at least 6 Kentucky and 4 
Ceruleans.  Other warblers included Yellow, Parula, Ovenbird, Yellow-throated, 
Blue-winged, Hooded, Redstart, Worm-eating, Black-and-white, Chat, 
Black-throated Green, and Louisiana Waterthrush.  We missed the C. Yellowthroat 
but I was fairly certain I heard a distant Swainson's Warbler down in Mike's 
Branch.  Other migrants put on a good showing with Indigo Bunting, my FOS 
RB-Grosbeaks, Scarlet Tanager,
 BG-Gnatcatchers, Wood Thrush, BH-Vireo, RE-Vireo, and YT-Vireo. Chazzy also 
located several Wild Turkey along the way.  A pair of GB-Herons were flying up 
the Levisa River as we got back to the truck - and then it started to rain.

For those interested, here is a link to our hike pictures:

Ed Talbott
Grundy, Virginia


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