[Bristol-Birds] Bobolink and Brewster's Warbler areas (Groseclose) Smyth Co., VA

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Smyth Co., VA
21 June 2009

Since reports of Bobolinks on breeding areas in Southwest
Va, this summer breeding season (since 1 June), have been 
scare to non-existent,  Carolyn and I made a survey today
thru the traditional Smyth Co. breeding area at Groseclose.

We went to lunch in Abingdon and didn't arrive in the fields 
until early to mid-afternoon.  Not the best time or the best

A male Bobolink was found singing from a tall plant along Citizen's
Road (Rt. 615) about 2/10 mile southeast of Parsonage Ave.
It was in the field adjacent to the "First Church of God of 

We returned about 90 minutes later and it was still singing at
the same location but was on a fence post adjacent to the 
road.  No other birds were found in the drive from there to
Rural Retreat Lake.

The population was discovered by J.N. Howard in 1994.  

Wallace Coffey, Larry McDaniel and Judy Musick found a 
nest containing five young there on 8 June 1996.
Rob Biller and Ron Carrico photographed a male at this
site the following year on 8 June 1997.

The site is about 2557 feet elevation.   The area has 
extensive hayfields which were cut, starting about Memorial
Day weekend, and the regrowth and second cut will probably
occur in about a month.

The Brewster's Warbler (hybrid Golden-winged Warbler X
Blue-winged Warbler) habitat, on VA Rt. 729 (Kegley Ln)
adjacent to the Appalachian Trail, is grown up and probably
not productive.  We did not find any of these birds present.

The Brewster's Warbler was discovered at this site 7 June 
1996 by Larry McDaniel and Judy Musick.

The habitat along Kegley Ln, for about one-half mile from the 
Settler's Museum (on Rt. 615) down to the former habitat, is 
really coming into promising early succession growth
conditions for these species and possible hybrids.

Let's go birding . . . .

Wallace Coffey
Bristol, TN


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