[Bristol-Birds] Bob Sargent having difficult struggle with heart problems

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Bob Sargent, a great friend to so many of us in this region,

and one of America's great bird bander as well as hummingbird

experts, had open heart surgery not long ago, and is to have 

another possibly this week. 


He is having a very difficult time right now. In addition, he has 

developed an  infection of both eyes and is blind. 


His wife, Martha, says that since he is blind he feels so lost.


Many of us on this list know Bob and Martha as founders

of the Hummer Bird Study Group that bands birds spring

and fall at Ft. Morgan, AL.  Many of us have been there.


The largest crowd of birders known to attend a Bristol

Bird Club meeting turned out for our annual banquet

in 1997 when 167 birders came from all over the region

to hear Bob Sargent give the after-dinner talk on



Bob & Martha had come to Bristol to spend a couple of 

days with BBC members and it was decided that the 

fellowship hall of the Central Presbyterian

Church on Euclid Avenue would hold the expected crowd. 


So the annual BBC event that night got underway

with a prime rib dinner.


Everyone was excited.  There had been much publicity in the region's 

media and magazines.  Flyers were printed by BBC and stacked in key places 

around town.


The 47th Annual Banquet was beautiful. The public started coming 

early.  The club had a great crowd on hand and things were looking up.  


In addition,  the Sargent's held an invitational field trip for club members

took them birding to Musick's Campground at South Holston Lake.  


Bob and Martha Sargent returned to the area in May 2005 and gave 

another talk on hummingbirds in Kingsport.  The program was held 

at the Renaissance Center auditorium.


Everyone was excited to hear the couple give a talk about how they band

more than 700 hummingbirds in their Alabama back yard annually!


So you can see that many of us have a lot of interest in Bob Sargent and

the battle he is fighting with his health.  


We wish Bob and Martha the very best.



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