[Bristol-Birds] Bald Eagles move away from Boone Lake nest -- Great Blue Herons arrive.

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The pair of Bald Eagles at Boone Lake, which last week were judged
to be building this nest, has moved.  It turns out the nest is probably
last year's leftover used by Great Blue Herons.  It was also thought
to be the second nest for the eagle species in Sullivan County and
the first for Boone Lake.  This is a photo of the eagles at the nest
a week ago today, 12 Feb.

Glen Eller called last week about another birding matter and, when
asked about the eagle nest at Boone, said he didn't think it was
very much of a nest and not well built.  That was the same idea
we had been back and forth with when it was first discovered.  I
decided to go back and take another look to see if the eagles
were roosting near the nest or had expanded the structure.  Also
to determine if a bird might now be on the nest and incubating.

I was at the site Friday and found a Great Blue Heron standing on
the nest.  I checked back later and found two herons perched on
the structure.  Mike Sanders telephoned Saturday afternoon and
said he had seen a heron at the nest.  I searched for miles up and
down the lake and adjacent river area towards Bluff City without
locating the eagles. I went back again Saturday at nightfall and
the herons were there.  Still no Bald Eagles.

The pair was originally found 1 Feb 2012 near the suspected nest 
site. The nest was believed to have been under construction but
"The nest support is not yet convincing."  Sanders checked the
nest later and thought it appeared to be that of a Great Blue Heron.
But, last Sunday, two Bald Eagles perched at and on the nest and
went to and from it.  So it was thought to be the eagles' nest.

We do not know the whereabouts of the Boone Lake
Bald Eagles which were there.  It seems likely that the Great
Blue Herons arrived last week to initiate the 2012 nesting season.

Lets go birding . . . .

Wallace Coffey
Bristol, TN

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