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Here is another report of interest from about five years ago along the North 
Fork Holston:

From: jason ward 
To: bristol-birds
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2007 15:37:46 -0500
I spotted a mature bald eagle while kayaking from the wadlow gap bridge in 
scott county to the carters valley bridge over the holston. He was perched 
about 25 ft above the water halfway between wadlow gap and weber city. ----- 
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  Subject: [Bristol-Birds] Bald Eagle near Kingsport

  Bald Eagle (1 adult)
  sighting between April 7-11
  N. Fork Holston River
  near Yuma, Scott County, Virginia

  A friend just called to report his neighbors encountered an adult Bald Eagle 
in the past few days. They saw the eagle while kayaking down the N. Fork 
Holston River between Yuma, Scott Co., Va and where Carters Valley road crosses 
the N. Fork on the Hawkins Co/ Sullivan Co line in W. Carters Valley near 
Kingsport. I drove VA State Rt 714 which is a small road that follows the river 
between the Clouds Ford Bridge over the N. Fork on Carters Valley Road in 
Tennessee and Yuma Road (VA ST RT 614) last Friday specifically to look for 
eagles, but I'm sure one could be easily missed. The habitat looks good, with 
large sycamore trees lining the river banks and a number of rather isolated 
forested bluffs above the east bank of the river. Will stay in touch with my 
friend (who lives on the river in that area) for any additional sightings.


  Rick Phillips
  Kingsport, Tennessee

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