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  • Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2017 19:42:25 -0400

Monday evening the eagle was mobbed by a flock of Canada Geese when it appoached a nest. The geese drove it into the river and the eagle was not able get away. The restaurant owner drove off the geese, but the eagle was not able to fly away. It went to the base of one of the bridge supports, rested and attempted to fly, but fell back into the river. It floated and swam downstream and onto the bank. An unsuccessful attempt was made to capture it by someone from the veterinary clinic. The eagle was strong enough to evade capture, but was not strong enough to fly away. After talking with Dr. Alsop, the decision was made to leave it alone to see if it would recover. It was in a relatively protected area behind a building near the bridge.

Tuesday morning, it was in the same place. TWRA was contacted and the vet staff returned. About 9:45, the eagle made an unsuccessful attempt to fly and was about to go back into the river when it was captured by the TWRA officer and vet. It was transported to the local vet for an initial check and then to go onto UT.

BIll Grigsby
Kingsport, TN



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