[Bristol-Birds] BBC to sponsor Kingsport Christmas Bird Count- 2007

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Members of the Bristol Bird Club tonight (11/20) voted to begin
a Christmas bird count this year for the Kingsport, TN area.  Former
president Bill Grigsby introduced a proposal for BBC to sponsor the
count and it passed without descent.

The count will be held Wednesday, Dec. 26.  Grigsby has been
investigating the idea for the past year.  It will be the standard
15-mile diameter circle centered on the Pactolus community, an
unincorporated area of Sullivan Co. located about 4 miles SE of
downtown Kingsport.

The Pactolus area and count circle/center is the same as the first
every Kingsport count which was held Jan. 2, 1949.  Counts were
held in this circle until 1998 when Rick Knight took over the
compilation of the count from George Larkins.  The count was 
discontinued for a lack of interest and participation.

Grigsby has determined that a significant increased in birders in
the region as well as the Kingsport area would make the count
once again feasible.  Grigsby will be the count coordinator and
count compiler.  You may contact him at Bill Grigsby <wgrigs@xxxxxxxxx>

Anyone may participate in any Christmas bird count regardless
of your level of expertise.

This becomes the fourth Christmas bird count sponsored by
the Bristol Bird Club and its members.  The counts include:

    Kingsport, TN (Dec 26, 2007) Compiler Bill Grigsby
    Glade Springs, VA (Dec 29, 2007) Compiler Ron Harrington

    Bristol TN-VA  (Dec 30, 2007) Compiler Richard Lewis

    Shady Valley, TN (Jan 1, 2008) Compiler Rob Biller

Bill says some of the 1998 count party areas within the circle will
be retained and some will be somewhat reconfigured to
accommodate current participant and party planning.

He will have more details at the Bristol Bird Club annual
Christmas count coordination meeting which is tentatively
scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 18, at 7:30 p.m.  The location of
that meeting is to be arranged.  It is open to the public.

President Dave Worley announced that the 2007 Bristol Bird
Club Annual Christmas Party will be held Saturday, Dec. 1
starting at 7 p.m. at the home of Bob & Ellen Parker and 
Charlie Parker in Piney Flats, TN.  This is the location of the
most successful and largest BBC party in history which was
held in Dec 2004.  Worley has been hard at work getting party
details together.

Watch for more Kingsport CBC details to be posted by
Bill Grigsby in the near future.

Let's go birding.......

Wallace Coffey
Bristol, TN


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