[Bristol-Birds] BBC to host joint VSO/TOS Spring Meeting in 2012 !

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Members of the Bristol Bird Club learned Tuesday night that the club
will host a joint, annual, state meeting of the Virginia Society of Ornithology
and the Tennessee Ornithological Society in the Bristol area in May 2012.

It will be the first joint meeting of the two state societies and the first 
state meeting of bird clubs ever in the region's history.

The meeting is expected to host some 300 birders which will come from
an area extending from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mississippi River.  Such
a meeting expects to have a major national banquet speaker.  Birders will also
likely come from Kentucky, West Virginia and North Carolina due to the 
magnitude of the meeting and the quality of programming.

The event was first proposed by the state board of directors of the Virginia
Society of Ornithology.  The proposal was present to the BBC by Teta Kain
of VSO who extended the invitation on behalf of the VSO. 

The meeting was approved by the membership of BBC at a recent monthly
meeting. The BBC is a chapter of the VSO and TOS. 

The VSO plans their meeting locations and sponsoring local clubs several 
years in advance.  That is why it will be three years out.

The proposal was presented to the TOS state board of directors at its 
recent state meeting in Nashville.  It was approved by TOS.

New TOS state president Dick Preston of Munford, TN, said the board felt a 
TOS/VSO Spring Meeting would be a fine idea, especially since BBC is willingly 
to take the lead in organizing it. 

In order to schedule the meeting so both organizations can be in the region 
their regular rotation plan, Knoxville will host TOS in the east during 2010 and
Memphis in the west in 2011.  TOS will likely go back to Middle Tennessee 
and (Chattanooga ought to be in line) in 2013. There might be a bit of 
on which TOS chapter should pick up 2014, although Memphis would seem to be 
the obvious choice.

The BBC membership was delighted with the approval of both state boards of

Attending the May meeting of BBC Tuesday evening were (* indicates taking 
part in dinner at the Mad Greek):  Fred Martin, Janice Martin, * Wallace Coffey,
*Carolyn Coffey, *Rick Knight, Ed Burke, *Charles Powell, *Bill Grigsby, *Judy
Roach, Lisa Tyler, Aubrie Abernethy, *Wilma Boy, Michele Villeneuve, Don Leedy,
*Tom Hunter, *Laverne Hunter, Victoria Hanson, *Mary Erwin, Dave Worley,
Diana Worley, John Hay, Michele Sparks, Ruth Clark, Mary Clark and John Moyle.

Let's go birding . . . .

Wallace Coffey
Bristol, TN

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