[Bristol-Birds] BBC hears hawk migration program, board annunces dues increase for 2015

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Bristol Bird Club members (from left) Tom Hunter, Ron Harrington and Bill


Bristol Bird Club hears hawk identification program;

learns board of directors created dues increase.


Members of the BBC were pleasantly surprised when Tom Hunter,

who has been leading the Mendota Hawk Count for the club in

recent years, attended the club's August meeting at the Bristol

Public Library, Tuesday, 19 August 2014.


He joined with Ron Harrington and Bill Grigsby to present the

program on hawk identification.


One of the items of  brief and hurried business was an

announcement by the club president that the board of directors

has increased the 2015 dues.  When asked if the dues

increase need to be voted on by the membership, the president

said the by-laws allow the board to make that decision.  It was

not clear if a membership increase has been brought 

before the membership or previously announced.  This is the

first time in the 60-year history that BBC members could not

vote on club dues.  The by-laws were rewritten in the spring 

of 2013.  The justification was that the club needed to 

adjust the dues to keep up with other clubs.


Individual dues:  $25.00

Family dues: $32.00

Students, grades 1 thru 12,  $5.00

Associate members $10.00


It was announced that the associate membership did not

increase.  That membership is for those who already are

members of the Tennessee Ornithological Society, usually

by being a member of another state chapter.


The new dues do not provide for the state-listed options

of Sustaining Member $ 30 and TOS Life Membership of 



It was announced that the BBC Annual Banquet has been

set for 17 October at Addilynn Memorial United Methodist Church

at a price of $17.00 per person.  The next meeting is set for 

16 September at the Bristol Public Library.  


Ron Harrington said the Annual Mendota Hawk Count

is expected to be September 12-30 - about three weeks

shorter than in recent years due to the lack of 

members signing up to count.  Of course many birders,

who usually watch for hawks at the famous lookout, will

be there almost all month or maybe a few days more.

This change will probably only shorten the data collection

and entry records for Mendota.


Harrington also said  most days of the count, birders

will start arriving at the Mendota Tower by 9 a.m. and 

the flight usually has a significant decline after the birds

fly high and virtually out of sight by early afternoon.  He

said there was a late-afternoon flight but it was usually

over by about 4 p.m.


Tom Hunter, who has given up the Mendota Hawk 

Count coordinator position due to health issues, said

he intended to be at the tower counting hawks one

or two days as possible.


Harrington also said the Glade Spring Christmas Bird

Count has been set for Saturday, 3 January 2015.


The president said the club will again sponsor the

web page on the Hawk Migration Association of

North American data site.


FunFest officials sent the club a nice letter,

thanking BBC for sponsorship of birding events

at this year's festival.  The festival has completed 34 years

and this year attracted more than 150,000 guest

and patrons from 32 states, 83 Tennessee cities

and Canada for the nearly 100 events.


Those attending the meeting (*indicates dinner

at the Mad Greek Restaurant prior to the meeting):


*Wilma Boy, Faye Wager, Tom Hunter, *Brookie

Potter, *Jean Potter, Helen Sirett, Josh Alley,

Adam Alley, Jennifer Quinn, Jennifer Meade,

Barny Brill, Jeanie Brill, *Judy Roach, *Kevin Blaylock,

*Mary Jane Erwin, Jo Ann Detta, Marty Huber,

*John Moyle, *John Hay, *Lois Cox, Sue Chadwallader,

John Whinery, Barbara Watson, Ron Harrington,

*Wallace Coffey.








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