[Bristol-Birds] BBC gains support for Shady wetlands.

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Ron Harrington, conservation chair of the Bristol Bird Club,  Saturday gave a 
report (and handout) 
in support of the importance of The Nature Conservancy's management of their 
wetlands  in Shady Valley 
during the Cooperative Coldwater Meeting held in Knoxville on July 25, 2009. 
The same report was 
given to the Tennessee Trout Unlimited Council (Most also attended the 
Coldwater meeting).

About 25 persons were present, and there were a number of positive and 
supportive comments. TU 
National reps emphasized that the restoration and protection of wetlands is a 
very important part of 
Trout Unlimited's long range strategy, especially as it relates to protecting 
coldwater streams from the 
effects of global warming.

Harrington will be sending a copy of the report to the president of the TN 
Clean Water Network, asking 
for their assistance.

Steve Brown, Tennessee Trout Unlimited, has recommended that the Tennessee 
Clean Water Network 
be advised about the Shady Valley situation, and ask if Tennessee Clean Water 
Network  can be of help. 
Go to www.tcwn.org for more information. The president is Renee Hoyos. 

Harrington became a spoksperson for BBC at the Coldwater meeting as well as the 
TNTU Council meeting 
when the Overmountain Chapter of Trout Unlimited in Johnson City, which has 
about 200 members, joined
with the Bristol Bird Club in supporting the need for wetlands habitat for 
wildlife in Shady.

The Knoxville meeting is the the semi-annual TVA Coldwater meeting. That same 
day Harrington also
 represent the Overmountain Men Trout Unlimited chapter at a meeting of the 
Tennessee Council, Trout Unlimited. 

As a result of the BBC message sent over Bristol Birds Net regarding the Shady 
wetlands, Harrington was
asked to present a summary of this situation to TNTU, which he did. He also 
brought this up at the Coldwater
 meeting that morning. There are usually folks from other TU chapters, TDEC, TU 
National, TWRA, TVA, 
GSMNP, and the U.S. Forest Service in attendance. 

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