[Bristol-Birds] BBC Planning Meeting Kicks Off Joint VSO/TOS Meeting.

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  • Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2010 00:25:17 -0400

Fourteen members of the Bristol Bird Club
met Tuesday night to plan major and 
exciting events for the future of BBC.

It was announced that Dave Worley will
be the chair of the 2012 joint state meeting
between the Virginia Society of Ornithology
and the Tennessee Ornithological Society. 
The co-chair will be Don Leech.

Several committees have been appointed
to begin the initial planning process which
is now well underway.  It is rewarding to 
see members coming forward to take 
responsibility for the meeting.  

A window of dates has been set for the
meeting.  An estimated number of birders
to attend has been determined.  

A venue committee and chair has been
appointed and several target hotels and
meeting facilities have been chosen.  The
committee will begin right a way to contact
venues and evaluate all aspects of their
abilities and costs for handling such an
event.  The leadership set a zone in which
the final venue must fall. 

Nearly half a dozen national names for the 
Saturday night banquet speaker have been
considered for a potential list.

The field trip chairman for the event will
formulate field trip destinations as well
as a schedule when the final venue is

Financial aspects were discussed and 
tonight's planning group determined who
would be responsible for signing contracts.

The BBC Annual Banquet is planned for
September 17.  The club's annual hawk 
watch field trip to Mendota FT is set for
September 18. 

Members listened to a fascinating list
of likely field trips which range both
locally and nationally.  There is much
anticipation. Locations and dates were
discussed.  Some were established.

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