[Bristol-Birds] BBC Picnic and Cloud Burst compete for club attention.

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Members of the Bristol Bird Club pause to visit Saturday, 27 June 2015,

a white-out cloud burst which swept over the picnic shelter producing a

of not more than 20 feet at best.

It was a warm and comfortable evening which lasted to the park's closing

at 9 p.m. Hours before a brilliant sun was determined to shine so strong

thru the constant light rain that the group enjoyed a couple of beautiful

over Steele Creek Park and lake.

It was the end of term for the 2014-2015 officers who turned the evening and

term of 2015-2016 slate over to be headed by President Janice Martin. She
hit the

ground running with club programs and speakers already in place well into
the fall.

All of the club's major event dates for the year have already populated the

calendar. So impressive is her start that the Civitan Shelter has been

for next year's picnic.

Those attending the picnic were: Rick Knight, Dave Worley, Brookie Potter,

John Moyle, Nancy McPeak, Janice Martin, Wallace Coffey, Faye Wagers, Diana

Worley, Polly Moyle, Judy Roach, Wilma Boy, Lois Cox, Jennifer Quinn, Jean

Potter, Jacki Hinshaw, Mary Clark, Ruth Clark, Fred Martin and John Hay.

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