[Bristol-Birds] BBC Bog Watch successful, fun and the folks and festival charming !

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A dozen birders turned out Saturday at Quarry Bog for the Bristol Bird Club's
renewal of its yearly Bog Watch as part of the 19th Annual Shady Valley
Cranberry Festival.  The watch was being held on a regular basis until it
was postponed for five years starting in 2005.

Those who came early found the bog, streams and fields active with birds.
A Lincoln's Sparrow was an early and good find. They are moving thru
the region on a steady basis at the peak of their migration.  Other good
looks were at Savannah Sparrow and several newly-arriving Swamp Sparrows.

Most of the group took a late-morning break to join in the always-fun festival
parade which is rich with farm tractors and floats from local farms with a very
minimal number of commercial entries -- primarily the giant Food City shopping
cart with its supper engine.

The floats were charming and
simple with many rural themes.
A good crowd was on hand for
the little mountain festival with
people coming from several
surrounding states and most
larger local communities to 
shop the craft booths, bluegrass
music and to enjoy the many
offerings of good food.

Among the participants were:

John Adams, Carolyn Coffey,
Wallace Coffey, Joann Detta,
Dave Worley, Jacki Hinshaw,
Marty Huber, Rick Knight,
Dick Moose, Judy Musick 
Moose, Ellen Parker and 
Michele Sparks.

Of particular interest was having Dick
Moose and Judy Musick Moose come
for the bog watch.  Judy was active
with BBC as a member from about
1991 to a few years ago when she
married, retired, and moved from Marion,
VA to their new home at Rural Retreat
in Wythe County.  But they both
made a sincere and serious pledge
to rejoin the BBC and once again
be active with the club.

 Kathleen Britt, who grew up in Shady Valley and still owns her
 original big family farm and beautiful home place, was in town
 from Northern Virginia for the festival and stopped by to see us
 and say hello to many of our birders.  She was formerly a member
 of BBC.  She and her daughter, also a birder, are preparing to 
 go on their first birding tour.  We informed her of the BBC tours.

 In the afternoon the bog watch birders moved to Orchard Bog
 and took in the beds of wild cranberries.  A much-anticipated
 highlight was the arrival of Dovie Willow Lynch, daughter of
 Gabby Call and Merrill Lynch of The Nature Conservancy.

Baby Dovie stole the
show and the hearts
of everyone.  At
the left, she is shown 
with daddy, Merrill
Lynch.  She is now
10-months-old and
made her debut with
the birders from
Northeast Tennessee.
 It wouldn't have taken much for her to quickly become the
 poster child of the Bristol Bird Club since everyone was holding
 her -- Michele Sparks virtually refused to give her up for others
 to hold.

 Other naturalists taking part in the afternoon activities included
 Jamey Donaldson, Rick Foster, Lynn Eastin, Todd Eastin and
 Charles McQueen.

 The weather was wonderful, people pleasant and the bog watch
 fun and interesting.  The fall colors were attractive and the
 gorgeous views of the valley were special.

Thanks to President Dave Worley for the box of a dozen doughnuts
which we enjoyed :-)

 Let's go birding . . . .

Wallace Coffey
Bristol, TN



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