[bristol-birds] American Woodcock (Greene Co., TN)

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  • Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 22:52:02 -0500

    Five American Woodcocks were observed by Alice Loftin and Don Miller
this evening (February 12) in the field behind Italian Village
Restaurant in
Greeneville.  (The field can also be said to be located beside and
behind the Wal-Mart (store, not distribution center) along Highway 11-E
near the intersection of 11-E and Highway 107.)

    The timber doodles did all the things birders expect from them this
time of year: peent calls, wing whirrs, and twitters--all delivered
during their crazy, wonderful display.  A couple of them even buzzed
Alice as they flew into the field to join their friends and rivals.

    The earliest record I have for woodcock in Greene County is February
8 (1999), so these birds rank pretty high on the scale of early

Don Miller,
Greeneville, TN

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