[Bristol-Birds] Re: American Bittern in Shady Valley (Crandall community) Johsnon Co., TN

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I have been birding in Asheville, NC on Saturdays while my daughter attends 
some kids' classes at UNCA.  I went to Fletcher Community Park just south of 
Asheville yesterday where a Sora had been reported and flushed an American 
Bittern from the pond there.  No photos of the Bittern, but the Sora was 
relatively cooperative. 

Not so cooperative for photos, the Brown-headed Nuthatches at Beaver Lake Bird 
Sanctuary in Asheville have been dripping off the trees when I don't take my 
camera and totally elusive when I do.  

David Kirschke
Johnson City, TN

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Subject: [Bristol-Birds] American Bittern in Shady Valley (Crandall community) 
Johsnon Co., TN
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Crandall community
Shady Valley
Johnson Co., TN
31 March 2011

John Shumate reported this morning that 
yesterday (31 March 2012) he and his wife Lorrie were traveling down 
highway TN Rt 133 towards Damascus and, at the small stream with wild 
watercress in it about one half a mile south of the 
Nature Conservancy's Dickey Ppreserve, he noticed an American 
Bittern standing in the first part of the stream with it's 
head pointing straight up. He stopped and backed up and it stood still. It 
was only about 10 feet from their car.   Lorrie tried to get a picture 
with her cell phone through the open window but it didn't turn out well so she 
opened the door to try to get a better picture but it flew down to the end of 
the stream.  They got a great look at the blackish outer wing 
feathers. He pulled down beside it and it just stood still with it's head 
After they arrived home, they heard 
something in the basement. After a while it was pinpointed coming 
from their woodstove. When they looked in with a flashlight they saw a 
duck.  It was a female Green-winged Teal. It 
taken to the small stream beside their house 
and released.  When it was put down it flew away. 
Let's go birding . . . .
Wallace Coffey
Bristol, TN

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