[Bristol-Birds] 44 birders turn out for BBC picnic; Tyler takes club presidency.

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Lisa Tyler stood
with a big smile
to take the office
of BBC President.

She invited her
fellow birders to
give Dave Worley
applause as he
stepped down 
from a record five
terms at the helm
of the club.

 Lisa becomes the first woman to take the BBC office of President
 in almost a decade, since Janice Martin served in that capacity in
 2000-2001.  Down through our history, we now have had 23 terms 
 served by women. 

 Worley steps back to the office
 of 1st Vice-President.   He was
 responsible for Saturday's picnic
 and turned the gavel over to the
 new President as the first order
 of business in a brief session
 which kicked off a really great
 event of fellowship.  The picnic
 lasted six hours.  The parking lots
 were nearly full as a driving rain
 drenched the area and the sun
came out on one of our best picnics in many years. 

In one of his final acts as President,  Worley again asked birders to
bring donations of bird seed, hummingbird feeders and suet or anything
similar.  A really large pile of donations were accumulated as those
attending, brought bags of sunflower seeds, many feeders of different
designs and Tom and Laverne Hunter of Lebanon, VA brought a case of
suet cakes.  It was the second time Worley had conducted a picnic
drive for feeder donations for the Steele Creek Park Nature Center.

Treasurer Janice Martin
again put together all of
the shopping and food
details and the wonderful
cooks of BBC fired the
grills and brought some 
of the most amazing 
foods and tasty dishes.

Lots of new faces were
in the crowd as new
birders arrived from 
Lebanon, Johnson City,

 Kingsport and Bristol.  It was a time to share memories and the
 good times just ahead with the many exciting new birders.
 Bert and Loraine
 Hale were back
 with the club after
 missing a number
 of events and
 meetings in more
 recent years.  She
 said they intended
 to be more active
 in the future.
 Bert was welcomed
 back to his long,
 traditional role of
 saying grace.

 President Tyler revealed that she was finishing employment 
 at her current job and has been hired by the Johnson City Public
 Library as an assistant reference librarian.  Congratulations are
 in big time order for Lisa's new responsibilities and challenge.

 The best bird sighting in the history of BBC picnics came
 when Jennifer Kennedy spotted an adult Bald Eagle soaring
 very low for a flyover of the event.  Shown in red as the
 fourth person from the right, Kennedy and others raced
 to gather up binoculars and savor the moment.

 The Bald Eagle has long been the symbol of the BBC !!!

 Six former BBC Presidents, who served a total of 18 terms,
 were present at Saturday's picnic:  Wallace Coffey (1981,
 1982, 1983, 1985); Bert Hale (1984, 1986); Larry McDaniel
 (1996, 1997, 1998); Janice Martin (1999, 2000); Dave
 Worley (2001, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2008); Bill Grigsby (2005,

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