[brandon's list] Re: PS3 VS Xbox 360: my thoughts.

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Agree with this. I've been heckled on more than a few occasions on my ps3... 
face it. The online community isn't as friendly on either console as would be 
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  Okay and you would know this how?  I'd say that's a biased opinion just 
because a few people hassled you in a chat.  Come on put the big boy britches 
on now.  They're everywhere.  Brandon got heckled on onlive by a spectator.  
I've been heckled on multiple shooter games on pc and on xbox and these men 
were not 5 years old.  

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    Subject: [brandon's list] Re: PS3 VS Xbox 360: my thoughts.
    From: Kyle <lifeguardstrike@xxxxxxxxx>
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    No, all of the little kids have their parrents buy them an xbox because 
that's what their friends have.

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    On Mar 9, 2012, at 5:09 PM, "Misty Rayburn" <misty@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

      There are five year olds everywhere you go.  Voice chat in any game you 
play. Mostly shooters but some fighters too.  You'll have people telling you 
that you suck and that you should go play something else.  It's everywhere not 
just on the 360 so I don't think that was a valid point.  Gamers are trash 
talking retards and if that was one thing I could change about gaming, I would. 

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        Subject: [brandon's list] Re: PS3 VS Xbox 360: my thoughts.
        From: Kyle <lifeguardstrike@xxxxxxxxx>
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        Yes, but look at your trophies. If you care, you're gonna have to start 
all over again on the xbox. Doesn't that sound like fun. I do love the xbox 
online purchasing system, but i'm not going to purchase everything I have on 
the xbox again. Have fun with 5 year olds on voice chat...

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        On Mar 9, 2012, at 10:53 AM, "Yohandy" <yohandy85@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

        > Well thing is, interfaces you can get around. but lack of 
accessibility you can't. what good is a great interface, if you can't access 
most of it? let's say downloading games on the ps3 console is much easier, well 
we need to ask for sighted assistance each time we want to get something, so 
what good is such an interface? as a matter of fact, there isn't much we can do 
on the ps3's interface anyway, so it's essentially useless to us regardless of 
its ease of use to the average gamer. I've been a Sony gamer for many years, 
but I had to open my eyes and look at the bigger picture. with the ways things 
are going these days, with touch interfaces and the like, I think the future 
for the blind gamer will be the 360. look at vita. completely touch based 
interface. next xbox is rumored to have a controller with touch features, but 
the major diference is that xbox has kinect, we can use it for navigating 
around. ps3 doesn't have such a device, only the playstation move. and that's 
of no use to us when it comes to navigation. I have a move so I should know 
lol. also there is this: when you go into the avatar editor on the xbox site, 
there's a button that says: Avatar Editor with accessibility. there are also 
many accessibility links throughout the xbox sites. so that should solidify in 
your minds microsoft's stand for gamers with disabilities. sony on the other 
hand, always ignores my accessibility requests. answer me this: what good will 
a great d-pad on the ps4 be, if the entire interface is touch based and we 
can't use it? it's time we all look at the bigger picture.
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        > Subject: [brandon's list] Re: PS3 VS Xbox 360: my thoughts.
        > I also own both, and this is my opinion. I'll stick with my ps3. The 
ps3 has an interface that is much easier to use. Everything is organized, 
unlike xbox where everything is just thrown on your screen. But, both consoles 
are great, and the console wars will never end, but i'll always defend the ps3. 
Okay, okay, I just made that sound like the end of some kind of war game.
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        > On Mar 8, 2012, at 7:20 PM, "Yohandy" <yohandy85@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
        >> Whenever people discuss one console vs another, there are always 
some bias opinions. I guess this can't be helped, since people often think 
whatever they purchase is the best there is, and will come up with all sorts of 
inventive ways to prove such opinions. well I have both now, and I'm here to 
discuss pros and cons of each. First off: xbox has a totally awesome web 
interface, which ps3 lacks. I can't begin to explain to you how awesome it is 
to want a game, and immediately go and grab the thing without having to ask for 
sighted assistance on every little step. Not just games though. this works for 
everything in the marketplace, from DLC, to music and movies. you can also add 
friends, check if they're online and what they're doing, and check their 
achievements on the fly. no need to synchronize achievements on 360 like there 
is for ps3 trophies, or to check your achievements on an external site. Another 
thing 360 has going for it is an amazing online experience. Yes ps3 has online 
as well, and yes ps3's online component is free. but I believe xbox has a 
better experience overall. I think the main reason for this is that we pay for 
online on xbox. so if their online was broken, there'll be lots of angry people 
demanding a refund. with ps3, the thing's free, so it doesn't matter as much. 
on xbox I haven't been disconnected once from its online mode, since the time I 
purchased the console about a week ago. PS3 I get disconnected quite 
frequently, for no apparent reason. remember guys, I'm using the same setup 
here for everything, only thing that changes is the consoles. xbox also has 
cross game chat, which allows you to chat with friends while everyone plays 
different games. ps3 you either voice chat from the game itself, or you need to 
go into their voice chat application. once you're in, you can't do anything 
else with your console. you'll need to quit the voice chat session. Another 
thing. downloads on xbox fly. a 1GB file took a few minutes, and game patches 
are near instantaneous. this isn't the case for ps3. sometimes you do get a 
download fast, but most times the thing's super slow. same thing with console 
updates. Also, the 360 doesn't appear to freeze as much as the ps3 does. I'm 
sure ps3 owners have experienced the freezing of doom. you're playing a game, 
or doing something on your console, then you hear 3 beeps, and console 
restarts. my 360 hasn't frozen a single time since I've had it. now for some 
good things about ps3. Online is free. although to be honest, after trying 
online on the 360, I'd prefer to pay for it if I got the same quality of 
service from Sony that I'm getting from xbox. free isn't everything. Also Sony 
has this really awesome service called PSN plus. once you get a subscription, 
you can buy many games at a huge discount, and each month you get many free 
games. in fact, last month we got like 8 games hahaha. Not all games are 
playable, but man plus itself is freakin awesome, and I totally love it since 
we have new and awesome games to check out every week. this month they're 
giving away Super Street Fighter 2 turbo remix, and Um Jammer Lammy free. I 
can't wait to grab these! another great thing about ps3? the controller - I'm 
slowly getting used to the xbox controller, I'm definitely better with it than 
I was when I started hahaha, but the ps3 controller feels so good and so 
natural in my hands, and the D-pad is so perfect. I don't think 360 controller 
will ever feel that way to me lol. another pro for ps3 is the fact that there 
are soooooo many exclusives for that platform. and really good ones too. most 
of them we can't play of course, but that doesn't stop them from being good, or 
from being available. If you have sighted assistance and a ps3, I urge you guys 
to check out something like uncharted or Heavy rain. Those are some truly 
awesome gaming experiences. there are more pros and cons, but you guys probably 
won't be too interested. like swapping hard drives for instance. on ps3 you can 
use any laptop drive, but you need to mess around with screws to get to the 
drive. Xbox HDD is proprietary, but opening the case to get the the drive 
doesn't require any screws and will probably take 2 seconds to do hahaha. 
Anyhow, if you guys have specific questions about either platform that I 
haven't answered here, let me know and I'll try and answer them to the best of 
my ability. hope this clears some things up for everyone!

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