[brandon's list] Re: PS3 VS Xbox 360: my thoughts.

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  • Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2012 14:20:32 -0800

Well, think about it this way. It isn't any easier on the ps3... so either way 
you have an issue. The beauty of that web interface is that you can send 
invites... and your xbox makes a sound when you get a message whether that be a 
game invite or a chat.
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  Yes, but do you really want to have to check the website every time you want 
to send a game invite?

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    You can still do those things.  That's not the point anyway.  On the 
playstation site and with the playstation it is HARD to do these things without 
sighted assistance.  You can use the website to find the friend you want to 
chat with on the xbox because they stay in the same order.  So actually you CAN 
use the website to help you send game invites and chat requests.

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      Subject: [brandon's list] Re: PS3 VS Xbox 360: my thoughts.
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      You're making it sound like you can do everything with the web interface. 
When in reality, you can't. You can't use the web interface to send game 
invites or start a voice chat session.

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      On Mar 9, 2012, at 12:11 PM, "Yohandy" <yohandy85@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

      > if a sighted person wishes to get greenday dlc, they load up the game, 
scroll to greenday artist, and purchase it. all in less than 10 seconds. we 
need to figure out where on earth greenday is located, waste times listening to 
previews, then buy songs we want. with rock band 3 previews get deleted after 
you exit the store now, so it's even more annoying. oh also, you're forgetting 
that sighted people also use the web interface. this kid came over the other 
day, and he basically asked if I got the xbox for the web interface. said his 
sighted friend uses it all the time. I think you're missing the point. yes we 
can do many things on ps3, but they are really inconvenient to perform. if you 
had to load up a site and click through 10 links before you could use your 
screen reader, this doesn't mean you won't be able to use it, but it will make 
it a lot more inconvenient to use. by your logic, we can use any ps3 feature. 
just learn every single menu and sub menu option, then when the store updates 
every week, write down all the new items in each menu. if you want to send an 
invite to a friend but you have 100 people on your friends list, just send an 
invite to each person individually until you find the one you're looking for. 
with street fighter, you mentioned we could use a keyboard to send invites. but 
why should we have to? do sighted people plug in their keyboard to send 
invites? no. they just click on their friends name and that's that. plus, 
mortal kombat you can't type a person's name, so we wouldn't be able to play 
that game even with a keyboard lol. the question we need to ask ourselves is, 
how far are we willing to go to have accessibility? there's still the ps4 issue 
to consider. if ps4 comes out, and it indeed has touch screen interface like 
the Vita does currently, what will you do as a playstation owner? will you 
attempt to memorize where every single option is located on the screen? one 
more thing. you're forgetting that I own both consoles. if I hated the ps3, I 
would've sold it and gotten the xbox. I would've definitely paid less hahaha. 
But I kept the console, because there are many things I enjoy about it. at the 
end of the day, it all comes down to preference.
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      >> All fair points. Though I will say that although I do stick to 
fighting games, I don't tend to play solo often. I voice chat all the time, 
because the feature is there and easy to get to... and as for sending and 
receiving messages, like I also said I play with a select group though that 
group is pretty big and we usually keep in contact through other means.
      >> Now I won't pretend the xbox360 is amazing. I don't presume to 
understate it and if I do I appologize. I just think it's a bit overrated, and 
some people are saying it like it's the be all and end all of gaming for blind 
people. Some people don't care about sending messages and whatnot, they just 
want to pop in a game and enjoy it. Now I won't pretend that if I get an 
xbox360 I wouldn't use it... you bet your ass I would leap on it and have it 
for when I wanted it. But I'm not going to fork out money for it, simply 
because then the issue of games and which console to buy them on becomes an 
      >> All our SF 4 problems needed was an adaptation on our part, namely a 
usb keyboard. The only problems we had were because of the fact that it was 
harder to find friends. Now there, credits to the xbox. However, I'm a firm 
believer in using what you have to your fullest, rather than craving after 
other stuff which in essence you already have. As to the greenday dlc, yes, I 
can do it exactly the same way a sighted person does... they have to load the 
game, click on the store, go to the artists, find greenday and the songs. I 
have to do the exact same there.. lol.
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      >>> Clement. let's say you want to get some greenday DLC right now on 
PS3. can you go into the store and purchase that content easily without having 
to go through a ton of newer DLC to try and find it? you can't. of course 
you'll find it eventually, but that's not something people want to deal with. I 
want to use the console like a sighted gamer does. when my cousin comes over 
and plays modern warfare, it feels like I'm actually interacting more and am 
more involved with what he's doing. I often comment on things like what map 
he's playing and such. on ps3 it went like this: what map are you on? what 
level are you on? etc. you're a person that enjoys playing alone and sticks 
mostly to fighting games. , or that's what it seems to me. I don't. I like 
getting involved in my games. I like to voicechat whenever possible, join 
party, send and receive messages. I like to fully use the capabilities of my 
console. also I could definitely believe Microsoft's accessible design was done 
on purpose. Microsoft knows how to design accessible sites, and they've been 
doing so for years. Do you believe that Apple's implementation of voiceover was 
also a mistake? I go with what works for me at the time. if apple makes a 
console with voiceover implementation and an accessible site, I'll most likely 
buy it. you say you're ok with getting things whenever you can get it. well I'm 
not. I want things when I want them, not when a sighted person feels like 
purchasing it for me. I asked someone to get me that Lammer Jammy game a few 
days ago, and they told me to wait. well guess what? I have no choice but to 
wait. and I really want to play that game badly. but I need to wait till it is 
convenient for this person to download the game for me. I could definitely do 
without such inconveniences, and if this game was available on 360, I would've 
been had it. look at all the trouble we've had whenever we've tried to play 
street fighter on ps3? many times we couldn't get it to work. no need to worry 
about such things on 360. now I'm not trying to change your mind here, if you 
prefer ps3, that's fine. but don't try and understate the impact the 360 has on 
blind gamers and simply write it off as not important. because to many blind 
gamers, it makes all the difference.
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      >>> Subject: [brandon's list] Re: PS3 VS Xbox 360: my thoughts.
      >>>> You can't honestly expect Sony to listen to an audience who probably 
makes up for less than 3% of the market... any big company will not listen to 
accessibility requests, we've just been lucky with harmonix and microsoft... 
though I'lm willing t bet you they haven't designed all that specifically with 
blind people in mind. The future of gaming for blind people may indeed be with 
the xbox360 or whatever they have next. But right now, aside from that web 
interface, I don't see any other benefits from switching over. Though of 
course, it all depends on how much you use everything on your console... me for 
example. The most I'll get into doing that is watching videos, logging in and 
checking for updates. There isn't much I like to get on the store, and if there 
is anything, well, I'll wait for sighted help when I can get it. I refuse to 
believe that all blind people are living in isolation without sighted 
assistance. Now Yohandy you could be different, I don't know. Maybe you like to 
use all the chat features and the like, whereas I stick to msn, facebook and 
skype for chatting when I play. The only regular dlc I get is for rock band and 
I can do that on my own with no trouble. When you come down to it, it's all 
personal preference... there's no blanket statement as to which is better and 
which isn't. It's all dependent on what you like.
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      >>>>> Well thing is, interfaces you can get around. but lack of 
accessibility you can't. what good is a great interface, if you can't access 
most of it? let's say downloading games on the ps3 console is much easier, well 
we need to ask for sighted assistance each time we want to get something, so 
what good is such an interface? as a matter of fact, there isn't much we can do 
on the ps3's interface anyway, so it's essentially useless to us regardless of 
its ease of use to the average gamer. I've been a Sony gamer for many years, 
but I had to open my eyes and look at the bigger picture. with the ways things 
are going these days, with touch interfaces and the like, I think the future 
for the blind gamer will be the 360. look at vita. completely touch based 
interface. next xbox is rumored to have a controller with touch features, but 
the major diference is that xbox has kinect, we can use it for navigating 
around. ps3 doesn't have such a device, only the playstation move. and that's 
of no use to us when it comes to navigation. I have a move so I should know 
lol. also there is this: when you go into the avatar editor on the xbox site, 
there's a button that says: Avatar Editor with accessibility. there are also 
many accessibility links throughout the xbox sites. so that should solidify in 
your minds microsoft's stand for gamers with disabilities. sony on the other 
hand, always ignores my accessibility requests. answer me this: what good will 
a great d-pad on the ps4 be, if the entire interface is touch based and we 
can't use it? it's time we all look at the bigger picture.

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