[brandon's list] Re: Daigo exposed Evo 2011: awesome Street fighter geekiness.

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I didn't catch the finals... the stream wasn't working for me. But I intend to catch up with them... and I want to see who one. I have a guess, but I think I might be wrong. ----- Original Message ----- From: "Yohandy" <yohandy85@xxxxxxxxx>

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I know you eat this stuff up. why do you think I posted it? haha. man did you see the SF finals yesterday? oh man! I almost had a heart attack with some of the stuff I saw and I wasn't even playing. if I had been competing I would've fainted right in the middle of a match lol. man I don't know how these guys don't totally crack under that immense pressure. all those eyes on you, booing you, cheering for you... betting on you to win this tournament... nah I can't handle that lol

----- Original Message ----- From: "Clement Chou" <chou.clement@xxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: [brandon's list] Re: Daigo exposed Evo 2011: awesome Street fighter geekiness.

Oddly enough, this is the exact kind of thing I eat up. And actually, when you watch evo... if you watch any of the last three they are always streamed, and the quality is actually really good. I can hear everything underneath the commentary. And Daigo Umahara, well... that guy is really a beast.

Honestly though, I think that is the part about fighting games that people, especially sighted people, tend to miss out on. All the technicality and whatnot? Strategy? That all adds so much more to fighting games than people realize... because most people see fighting games as button-mashers and simple games. And as blind people, if you look at a game that way, there's so much more to work on than that. This is why, although I do play other games not to say I don't, but fighting games are my main big thing because they are the most accessible mainstream games, and there is a lot we can do that most blind people tend to gloss over. Learning combos? Learning characters? All that is different... especially for a series like street fighter that has been going on for so long.

This is why I enjoy watching evo. Fighting games get a lot less light because it's such an obscure genre. Noone gives much attention to them... while I'm not against any genre of game particularly, I think people need to pick up a fighting game for more than two weeks and say, "This is so easy... and it's so boring. I'm going back to playing rock band or MLB or whatever." Again, don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to bash... and if it comes off like that, I appologize. What I'm saying is as blind gamers we need to get every ounce of enjoyment we can out of these games, and why not dig more into fighting games? I know it's teedious for some people to go online and find movelists and combos and whatever... but go on youtube and watch some matches. Once I find evo stuff from this year I'll post it up and people can see what fighting games are like when you get serious about them. Even the playthroughs that yohandy and I have done together... which by the way we have to do again. It's been way too long, Yohandy. lol. Those show a semblance of what SF or fighting games can be like when played with another person and both person are strategizing and reflecting to meet the situation. And honestly, I think more people should go watch daigo umahara exposed... he is an amazing player, and someone who, believe it or not, I have some respect for. And there have been disabled SF players. One of the top chun-li users in the states plays with his feet... how cool is that? And yohandy, we might not be the only two interested in games... I think we might just be the ones most into fighting games.

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