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it's not released. that was only the demo which I just found out about. apparently it's still on track for a 2012 release. I'll probably end up buying this one for both PC and 360 if there are diferences between each version. if there aren't I'll most likely get them both anyway lol

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Thanks for the information. I didn't know this game is released. I've played the demo which was released for pc a while ago. I look forward to see the iPhone version if it's ever going to be released sinse I don't have an Xbox.
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Den 24/04/2012 kl. 20.13 skrev Yohandy:

Only a few minutes of this game are included. This is very similar to Space channel 5, but the game is exclusively tailored for blind gamers. If you want to play the full 2 chapter demo yourself or find out more info , check out www.captaindynamite.com I only made this so you know what you're getting before downloading. here's the link: http://db.tt/cIPvCBob

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