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I have done this just as a favor from another list member.
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Please tell me what I'm not getting. Why would we want to read forwards from other lists? I wouldn't, and would unsubscribe if I start seeing them. I may be missing something, but I'm sure not sure about this post!

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Subject: [Braillenote] Fw: [interistinglists] Let's keep moving

Hi, can at least someone join in these lists?
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Subject: [interistinglists] Let's keep moving

Guys, this road is empty of traffic once more.  I understand that
there are not that many lists out there that are english speeking, therefore practicle to join. However, the more subscribers we have, the more traffic will be generated. With my current situation, I am unable to send you the emails from other lists. However, you are more than welcome to foward them. You can foward every one, or be as selective as you believe necessary.
I know  it is hard, and I know however, it is possible.

B.i.  list.  Guys, you must have issues about being blind.  You
cannot lead a normal life. We are different guys. It may be a miner difference, but it is a difference. We need to report issues on this list, and work out how to fix them. There will probably be someone who has had the same experience, and will want to try and help you. Hope we get these 2 roads a little fuller over the next few days. Cheers, Blake.
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