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John, I thought you said you weren't using cygwin to build brailleblaster, 
except for the liblouis* libs.
Does this mean that ant in cygwin will run outside cygwin on windows?
Just getting oriented. TIA

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Check your Cygwin. It may already have ant. If not, you can add it with
the setup program.

My Cygwin has Subversion Mercurial, and just about every other
programming tool. The Cygwin command line is much nicer than the Window


On Thu, Jul 21, 2011 at 10:16:44PM -0500, qubit wrote:
> Kind of ominous having a program named after a bug...
> I have 2 questions about installing ant on windows:
> There appears to be only one version of ant for windows, and presumably it
> is for 32 bit, as it talks about building on xp and before.  Will this
> version also build on 64 bit?
> Q2: I can't find directions on installing the binaries.
> There is a file called "INSTALL that appears to be a binary a but I want
> some indication how to use it.
> Ok, I'll add a 3rd question: the verbage on the website )which I didn't 
> look
> at closely) talked about digital signatures.  Does that mean I have to
> decrypt, or is that just to test the binaries against the key to be sure 
> it
> is official?
> Thanx for any info.
> --le

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