[brailleblaster] Re: Where can I find Mercurial for the Mac?

  • From: Michael Whapples <mwhapples@xxxxxxx>
  • To: brailleblaster@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2011 01:26:22 +0100

Here are some direct links:
Mercurial installer for MacOSX 10.5 
Mercurial for MacOSX 10.6
Mercurial for MacOSX 10.7

I have a few things to say though:
1. All those installers have a GUI, accessible with voiceover but I don't know 
(possibly expect not) will be accessible through SSH. Once installed it is all 
a command line tool so should work fine with SSH.
2. We need to try and sort out why you have so many issues in finding the links 
on the websites. Finding those download links was no trouble for me using 
safari on the Mac and I would also expect no trouble using firefox and orca on 
Linux. I do know that the download page for mercurial has javascript (not sure 
exactly what would happen if javascript is disabled), but there have been 
examples when you have had trouble with websites which I have used with basic 
browsers like lynx. Back to what I was originally saying, it would help if we 
know what browser you are using so we can explain where to find things on 
websites. Also if you are using a basic browser, then it may be worth 
considering to work out a way of using a more popular/advanced browser. I know 
you have said that there is currently issues for you accessing the Mac with 
your Braille display, but as I said there are alternatives on Linux such as 
orca with firefox.

Michael Whapples
On 23 Jul 2011, at 22:45, John J. Boyer wrote:

> Alex,
> Where can I obtain MacHG? Can you give me a direct URL for downloading 
> it? I assume I can run it from the command line using ssh. That is how I 
> am working on my Mac right now. When I get a USB-to-serial adapter I'll 
> connect my Braille Note and use Voiceover. 
> I looked at the Murcurial download site, but I couldn't find anything to 
> download. This happens to me all the time. Why are websites set up like 
> that?
> John
> On Sat, Jul 23, 2011 at 01:03:36PM -0700, Alex Jurgensen wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I use an Open-Source program called MacHG for this.
>> It has its own internal version of thee command-line tool and therefore does 
>> not depend on external tools.
>> Regards,
>> Alex,
>> On 2011-07-23, at 6:25 AM, Michael Whapples wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> The official mercurial website has installer packages for the Mac. On the 
>>> actual downloads page it has different versions for which version of MacOSX 
>>> you are running. Make sure you choose your correct version of MacOSX as it 
>>> relies on the python version included in MacOSX and it is different for 
>>> different versions of MacOSX (eg. in Lion it is python 2.7 but in snow 
>>> leopard it is python2.6).
>>> Here is a direct link to the downloads page for mercurial 
>>> http://mercurial.selenic.com/downloads/
>>> Michael Whapples
>>> On 23 Jul 2011, at 12:28, John J. Boyer wrote:
>>>> Installing Mercurial from source is tricky, so i would like the 
>>>> equivalent of an rpm that includes all dependencies, even a version of 
>>>> Python.
>>>> Incidentally, it turned tou that the version of pkg-config to use for an 
>>>> initial install is 0.22. The version I initially downloaded, 0.26, is 
>>>> evidentally intended as an upgrade. 0.22 works fine.
>>>> John
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