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I haven't heard anything back from you since I described in more detail the
results of my testing with the checktable subcommand. Can you get
BrailleBlaster to check the badTable table successfully under Windows? If
so, what might be wrong here on my PC?

Best regards from Ohio, U.S.A.,

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Hi Vic,

We can set a release date and include whatever is ready at that time. 
August 1 seems like a good date, since there may be a lot of changes 

checktabloe works for me except that the messages are on the console 
rather than in the log. That is one of the hard to find bugs, because it 
involves both BrailleBlaster and the C libraries.


On Sat, Jul 07, 2012 at 07:49:58AM -0400, Vic Beckley wrote:
> John,
> What is the status of the next release of BrailleBlaster? Are we going to
> include the recent changes in liblouis? How about Francois' many new
> features? What are we waiting on at this point?
> How hard would it be to fix the checktable subcommand for BrailleBlaster.
> This would be very helpful for me so I wouldn't have to go in and out of
> Linux all the time just to check tables.
> Have a great day!
> Best regards from Ohio, U.S.A.,
> Vic
> E-mail: vic.beckley3@xxxxxxxxx

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