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Those are my thoughts also. I was waiting to see what others would say.


On Thu, Jul 12, 2012 at 04:12:36PM -0400, Vic Beckley wrote:
> Francois,
> If you are referring to radio buttons then screen readers identify them just
> fine. In fact, if you use any of the standard Windows controls screen
> readers should work well with them. I thought that was what SWT was made up
> of. Except for the strange combobox in the Recent Files dialog, I haven't
> seen any controls in the BB GUI that don't work well with screen readers.
> With that combobox, I think it is the way it is set up not the actual
> combobox. This is just my opinion. The best way to find out how your code
> works with screen readers is to let us try it before you get everything
> coded so that it doesn't work! (BIG SMILE)
> Best regards from Ohio, U.S.A.,
> Vic
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> A candide question: can screen readers identify controls such as radio
> fields and whether they are selected or not? What are the best
> controls to use for those who cannot see the screen? I thought that
> buttons with text labels would be the simplest and most effective.
> Thanks.
> François.

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