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If you are referring to radio buttons then screen readers identify them just
fine. In fact, if you use any of the standard Windows controls screen
readers should work well with them. I thought that was what SWT was made up
of. Except for the strange combobox in the Recent Files dialog, I haven't
seen any controls in the BB GUI that don't work well with screen readers.
With that combobox, I think it is the way it is set up not the actual
combobox. This is just my opinion. The best way to find out how your code
works with screen readers is to let us try it before you get everything
coded so that it doesn't work! (BIG SMILE)

Best regards from Ohio, U.S.A.,

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A candide question: can screen readers identify controls such as radio
fields and whether they are selected or not? What are the best
controls to use for those who cannot see the screen? I thought that
buttons with text labels would be the simplest and most effective.


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