[braille-sense] Newbe questions.

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  • Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2012 11:22:05 -0000

Hi All.
I'm new to this list and have been using the voice sense for a week or
so now.
I'm assuming that as the voice sense is just the Braille sense with out
the Braille display questions about its use are on topic for this list?
I have noticed a couple of things I'd like clarified about the voice
sense. I guess I'm doing something wrong so it would be good to here how
more experienced users find it.
1. Email. Is there anyway of sorting emails in to directories? Between
my wife and I we get a fare bit of email that sorted on our email server
in to directories, is there any way of mimicking this sorting on the
voice sense, we use IMAP on the main computer and laptop so the folders
get automatically sorted out for us.
2. the web browser. I've had very little success with the browser.
nearly every time I've used it I've ended up having to use the reset
button on the voice sense as it seems to have died quite spectacularly.
Are there any hints and tips about using this successfully?
3. The shedule manager. Other than active sync is there any way of
transferring appointments from the calendar in outlook on my work PC to
my voice sense? some sort of file import or something like that? I'd
like to try to avoid active sync if I can as I'm not really meant to
install extra software on my work PC.
4. The schedule manager. Having added a schedule there seems no way to
get out of the add schedule dialog. The only way seems to exit the
shedule manager completely and then go back in. Am I missing something?
So for example I've added an appointment, I then want to jump to a date
to see what I've got on and I can't seem to get out of the dialog to
create a new appointment.
5. Updating the software on the voice sense. I've checked and I'm using
version 6.1 of the software however if I go to update the software it
says its got 3 downloads to do. I was under the impression that version
6.1 was the latest and greatest?
Sorry about the plethora of questions.

Nick Adamson
Software Engineer

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