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  • Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2006 09:29:04 -0500

Hi Estelita,
It was 11-20 am when you sent your message.

The Braille Sense doesn't currently support text messaging via a cell phone 
yet.  It is my understanding that it is in the works.  You can not install 3rd 
parties on the unit.  We are currently beta testing MSN instant messenger which 
would allow you to send messages via e-mail if you have access to a network 
connection or wireless connection to the internet.


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  Hi Robert,
  Thanks for your prompt reply.  I'm just curious as I read that it has a 
digital recording capability.
  I have another question please if you can bear on me!
  Is it possible to use Braille Sense to receive and send text?  Please explain 
how.  I have a cell phone but it has no Talks softwear so I can't use it in 
  Can we install Skype on it?
  So you are in Florida.  It's interesting.  What time is there now?  It's 4:21 
pm here as this message is sent.


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