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Please find below a very interesting product in the BPM area. I can get them to 
come and present
C-B4 (Context-Based 4Casting) offers a unique pattern-based 
predictive-analytics technology for analyzing complex systems and processes.
Our solutions enable companies to analyze massive amounts of data, identify 
hidden opportunities and map them into smarter decisions that improve their 
business results in a short period of time.

Giora Lavy, PMP
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Dear all,

Thank you for attending the first round table meeting. I hope that you enjoyed 
it as much as I did.

For the future I'm trying to change the settings of the mailing list, so that 
we can use it also for discussion of any topic that you may consider 
interesting to share. Up til now, the mailing list is set up for announcements 
(only admins can post messages to the list), but hopefully this can be fixed 
(actually if you read this message it should mean that it was successfully 

@Matthias & Dafna: Please send me your slides if you consider it is helpful and 
I will put them on the website.

Best regards,

Arturo González Ferrer, PhD
Department of Information Systems,
Homepage: http://bmip.haifa.ac.il/people/arturo-gonzalez-ferrer/
Room 668
Abraham & Rachel Kluger Building
University of Haifa,
Mount Carmel 31905, Israel

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