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It's very fine with me to present the Eindhoven roundtable talk,

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Thanks Arturo!

I'd also like to propose that you and Yaron will present the talks that you 
gave at the Eindhoven round table. What do you think?


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Dear all,

Thank you for attending the 2nd BPM Haifa round table, and thanks for all your

I am collecting in this e-mail the options that were proposed either in 1st or 
meeting as next possible talks. Let me know if I am missing any, or if the 
topic is not
accurately described or it is wrong.

Speakers’ options proposed on 2nd round table:
a)      IT Frameworks for BPM - Johny Gattas
b)      Case Management - Lior Limonad
c)      Business Process Analysis - Gilad Rothschild

Speakers’ options proposed on 1st round table:
d)      Urinary tract infection treatment process and process learning 
(mining): lessons
learned – Johnny Gattas
e)      Case studies either from the healthcare domain or another domain – 
f)      Complex-event processing (CEP) and decision management  - Assaf Aviram 
g)      The artifact-centric approach - David Boaz and Lior Limonade

Glad to see you all again, and hopefully more and more people can join to the 
round table.

Best Regards,

Arturo González Ferrer, PhD
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