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I couldn’t participate because of geographic location

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Hi, these are indeed issues that need to be addressed. 
Initially it may be required to determine if the roundtable is a venue for 
promoting innovative BPM research or a practitioner marketing event.

BR, Avi

Thanks and all the best, Avi Wasser

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Thanks, Arturo. Indeed, a good list of topics to last some time. Also, thanks 
Ziv and Nesi for you presentation.

Regarding CEP, proposed by Assaf: Matthias and I will be able to provide an 
academia talk on the topic.

I also suggest that we try and increase participation for the next meeting. As 
a first step I would approach those that showed initial interest but did not 
show up to check the reasons for that: is it timing? is it the geographical 
location? is it a matter of the topics?

Also, I suggest we attempt to spread the word. For example, groups in Rafael  
may be interested.

On 30/01/2013 12:05, Arturo Gonzalez Ferrer wrote:
> Assaf Aviram

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