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Now I got the message.
Asaf Aviram

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Dear all,

There were members in the list (the last 8 subscribed) that were not receiving 
any message. Below I copy&paste the message from the technical support, we were 
very unfortunate with this situation, but at least we discovered it before it 
got worse... 

I am really sorry that 4-5 members planning to come to the second meeting could 
not receive any notification. Of those 8 members affected, at least 3 could not 
come anyway and were very recently subscribed (people from IBM).

Therefore, those of you new to the list willing to check the discussions during 
last times, you can check the archives of the list in the next url:


Everything should be ok from now on.

----------------------- message from tech support 

All fixed.  They were on the list but your change to the default-flags setting 
left them marked as invalid so they wouldn't show up in the Web Login or have 
received posts.

Most lists leave default-flags to the default of "|ECHOPOST|" since mailing 
list users generally expect to receive copies of their posts so they know 
things went through.  If you remove that flag, it must always be at least "|", 
which I admit, is not at all intuitive.  I set this value to that minimum value.


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