[bpmhaifa] A BPM talk at the Technion: Tuesday January 15, 13:00-14:00, Bloomfield 527

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Title: Natural Language in Process Models: Foundations and Techniques for Quality Improvement and Knowledge Elicitation <http://ie.technion.ac.il/seminar_files/1357644387_Henrik-Leopold-2012.html>

Speaker: Henrik Leopold, Humboldt University, Berlin
Abstract: Large enterprises increasingly utilize business process models for documenting and redesigning their operations. The observation that such modeling initiatives often result in hundreds or even thousands of models raises the question about quality assurance and how the knowledge captured in these models can be utilized in an automated fashion. While many formal model aspects have been successfully addressed in the past, there is still a notable gap concerning the automated analysis of natural language in process models. Hence, in this talk, I will introduce a technique which enables the adequate analysis of natural language in process model elements. Moreover, I will show how such a technique can be employed for automated quality assurance and for eliciting knowledge from process models.

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