[bpmhaifa] Re: 2nd Haifa BPM round table

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 [bpmhaifa] 2nd Haifa BPM round table

So do I…

Dr. Liran Edelist (PhD.)


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i didn't participate last meeting due to business travel.

can i take part in this meeting ?

Note:  i am managing ARIS platform business in Israel- the No.1 BPA tool in
the world, which is part for Software AG BPM platform

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Dear all,

We are planning to have the next Haifa BPM round table on January 29th,
starting at
17:00h. The place will be the same as the first meeting, at University of
Haifa at מצפור
room (9th floor of Rabin building).

The speaker on the industrial side will be Ziv Nacht, about BPMS
implementation roadmap.

The speaker on the academic side will be Nesi Outmazgin, a student from
Pnina Soffer (to
be confirmed).

More details will be added soon to the website, http://bpm-haifa.rhcloud.com

Best regards,

Arturo González Ferrer, PhD
Department of Information Systems,
Abraham & Rachel Kluger Building
Room 668
University of Haifa,
Mount Carmel 31905, Israel
DEpartment of Computer Science and A.I. http://decsai.ugr.es

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