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  • Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2012 13:34:25 +1100

Hi Bradley. 

There are a number of better sources you should consider before depleting even 
well stocked reserves. 

Maybe the list has more ideas but for starters there. Are many problems  lions 
captured by the DWNP vet team every year and dumped in reserves where there is 
no space for them. You should contact Dr Mmaadi Rueben to see if they will work 
your proposal. 

Secondly there are a number of private collections of problem lions around 
Botswana who most of us would like to see them release their lions. The word is 
because they were problem lions DWNP is reluctant to see them released. Also 
there have been cubs from these populations so the argument  is not helpful. 

I would start with Valentin Gruener at Grasslands. With luck these orphan cubs 
can stay there until release is an option. 


Kevin MacFarlane
CKGR Lion Research

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