[botswanapredatorforum] Re: Fwd: Orphan lion cubs at Tsau gate.

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  • Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2012 16:26:17 +0200

Hi Bradley

We were looking some time ago at bringing in  lions from outside of the area
to bolster what we believe to be a genetically isolated population.  I
chatted to some people in the Ministry about getting some from the CKGR and
this was met with a favorable response at the time.

We ended up not going ahead because of the logistics of introducing strange
lions into an open system which already has a lion population.

In view of the fact that you guys are fenced it may be worthwhile pursuing
this and introducing them into your place.

In time when Lipadi and Notugre are contiguous - which I have no doubt will
happen, and/or your lions get through the fence - which I also have no doubt
will happen, then we will have achieved both our objectives.

If you need some assistance, please give me a call.

Pete Le Roux

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From: General Manager
Date: 2012/12/03 03:58:21 PM
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Subject: [botswanapredatorforum] Re: Fwd: Orphan lion cubs at Tsau gate.
Hi Erik,

I am hoping that we will start applying for permits to obtain lions at
Limpopo-Lipadi in the near future. I would probably submit my management
plan to DWNP in January. If you know of a good reserve who have excess lions
in Botswana that I could discuss the possibility of obtaining lions from,
please let me know. If this is not a reality, then I would have to look at
sources out side of Botswana.

I hope that you or one of the other people copied in this email will contact
me privately.

Kind regards


Bradley Schroder
General Manager
Limpopo-Lipadi Game & Wilderness Reserve

P.O. Box 204

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Email: generalmanager@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Website: www.limpopo-lipadi.org
On 2012/12/03 01:46 PM, Kevin MacFarlane wrote:

Hi Erik

Thanks for your concern.  Rob Jackson will hopefully have a look at the Cubs
this week. 
Although we haven't got a reply there is a plan to get them to Grasslands in
the short term. A new charity run by some Germans is ensuring that they will
get the right attention. 
In the long term we can chat to Mmadi about where they could be released
especially as try are not cattle killers like the others at grasslands  so
perhaps wildlife will look upon them kindly. There is some talk of where hey
are sure lion numbers are low in the Delta. 

I will post to he group when we have news. 


Kevin MacFarlane 
CKGR Lion Research

On 02/12/2012, at 9:41 PM, "Erik Verreynne" <erik@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

My apologies Kevin – only now see the bottom part of the email. Will contact
DWNP and look at the options. 
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Subject: [botswanapredatorforum] Fwd: Orphan lion cubs at Tsau gate.
Hi Everyone,
As you might read below, some residents of the Hainaveld region have
discovered that there are orphaned lion cubs at Tsau gate. I was wondering
if anyone had good suggestions of what could be done with them. If you have
any ideas please contact the DWNP in Ghanzi ( I have a number for the
research office 6595465), the Maun DWNP vet 7445 4694, or directly at Tsau
gate  653 0086.
I do understand that the DWNP are in control and will make the final
decision, but they will have very few options, and if we can offer some good
ones, then maybe a good outcome could arise. I think the best case scenario
here might be a stay at Mokolodi (Gabs) for a few months, health checkup etc
 and perhaps to go to one of the lion orphan raising places in Zimbabwe?
These seems like a better option then a zoo, or one of the caged collections
around Botswana. Any other better options?
I think acting soon would be in the best interest of the cubs. Humans have
already interfered here, so even researchers shouldn't feel we have to stay
out of this.
Kevin MacFarlane
CKGR Lion Research
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From: Charles & Linda <linda@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 30 November 2012 21:31
Subject: Orphan lion cubs at Tsau gate.
To: Kevin MacFarlane <kalaharilionresearch@xxxxxxxxx>

Hi Kevin
I don't know if you are still in Botswana,I have e mailed Lars as well,but I
got an auto reply that he would only be back in the office on the 3rd.
We were told by Fanie from Hana mining,that there are 3 orphan cubs +- 3
months old,being held in a small cage at Tsau gate.
Apparently they were found by Wildlife in the C.K.G.R sitting next to their
dead mother. They were captured and brought to their camp at Tsau gate a
while ago.
Fanie was there on Wednesday,and he says they have got food and water,but
they are very dirty and don't have much space to move around in.
He asked them what was going to happen to them?and they said that they were
waiting for a decision from Wildlife in Ghanzi.
We are very concerned about their well being,and were hoping that you are
still here or that you can contact someone to go and check up on them and
maybe help find them a better home to go to,or you can please give me
contact details of someone we can
get hold of via e mail.
Hoping to hear from you soon!
Ps,Did you ever find out what happened to Mogotho? We have still not seen
him or his brother. Dolly and 3 of her big cubs came back last month,and we
are very happy that at least 3 of them survived. They are all in very good
condition,just a bit worried about the 2 male cubs, as a new mature male
started coming here about 2 weeks ago,at this stage they are keeping a low
profile when he is around.


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